​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Q: What are your rates? Do you you offer different packages?

A: We Currently have two packages to choose from. Our Basic & our more popular "Premium Package" both of which are currently on sale!

OUR BASIC PKGE: (A super offer for the budget conscience!) (Good for small events)

- Up to 4 Hours of Music & Basic Announcements including requests, shot-outs' & dedications

- A State of the Art Digital DJ Entertainment System w/ wireless mike

- A  Professional One Person Show (DJ/MC Combo)

- A Cool Multi-Colored Light Show 

- Up to 35 Party Favor / GiveAways Including... Leis, Maracas, Tambourines, Sunglasses & Sombrero

- OH! Did we mention that for no extra charge we will also include...

- All pertinent Ceremony functions, for example: Cocktail Hour, Cake Ceremony, Candle 

Ceremony, Intro's, Participation Dances, Specialty Dances, (IE: Dad / Daughter, Bride / Groom or Mom / Son)


Normally $1,200.00, THIS WEEK ONLY! On Sale for just $395.00!!!

SPECIAL NOTE Regarding the Basic Package: Please Be advised that the Basic package is NOT RECOMMENDED for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Block Parties, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Communions or Christenings. Those types of events work best with two performers & usually require more time which is available in the Premium Package Only.


                  OUR PREMIUM PACKAGE: (This is our #1 Selling Deal!!) 

                  Great for Weddings, Sweet 16n's, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Communions & All Occasions!

- Up to 6 Hours of Music & DANCING ENTERTAINMENT (That's an extra 2 hours more than our competitors!)

- A State of the Art Digital DJ Entertainment System w/ wireless mike

- Requests, Shot-outs' & Dedications are included AND we will interact with all your guests 

- A Professional TWO PERSON SHOW (DJ/MC Combo PLUS Assistant)

- An Incredible L-E-D Laser Light Show with cool color creating Patterns (Big Upgrade from the Basic)

- Up to 85 Party Favor / GiveAways: (You get All the basic giveaways DOUBLED) PLUS incredible Bright pulsating Electronic Foam Light-up Sticks!(New for this season!)

- OH! Did we mention that for no extra charge we will also include...

All pertinent Ceremony functions, for example: Cocktail Hour, Cake Ceremony, Candle 
Ceremony, Intro's, Participation Dances, Specialty Dances, (IE: Dad / Daughter, Bride / Groom or Mom / Son)


Normally, $1,350.00 THIS WEEK ONLY! Now on Sale for just $545.00!! 

WOW!! (That's only $150.00 more than the Basic Package... NICE!!)

Please Note: If you are a Restaurant, Club or Bar Owner and you require DJ Services on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis or even if you require our services just one time, please give us a call and we will work within your budget. (888) 877-2270

Q: I am definitely interested in the Premium Package but I don't necessarily need 6 hours.. what can you offer me?

A: Ok. So.. Are you sitting down? Are you ready for this answer? You get to KEEP THE EXTRA TWO HOURS!! Yes, you read correctly. At some point you will have another party yes? It could be a year away, maybe even two. However, eventually an event will need to be planned. You can use that extra time as a free "add on" to that gig! Here is a great example. We recently booked a sweet 16 and they (like most) bought the Premium Package. The party was only 4 hours long. They now have a block party planned and once again for that party, they purchased the Premium Package. So, instead of having us for only 6 hours (as stated in the contract) they will actually get an

8 HOUR PERFORMANCE! Not too shabby right?! As far as we know, we are the only DJ company offering this incredible deal.

Anticipating all follow up questions:

YES....You can also purchase the basic package for the next event, and receive 6 hours total for that Party.

YES....If you don't have any parties planned in the near future, You can give or donate your extra 2 hours away as a gift to a friend... Please call us for details..

YES....There is no expiration date for your time. The extra 2 hours will only expire once they are used at an event.

and NO.... you can't hire us at a future event for only 2 hours for free. Sorry!

Q: So why does your competition charge so much more? Am I missing Something?

A:  This question is by far the most popular one we get. We hear it everyday. Bottom line is this. We are professionals, just like our competition. We breathe the same air they do. We buy our equipment at the same places they do. We have the same music & perform at the same halls. Our light shows are just as bright & dazzling. Our performers are just as skilled & energetic. So the answer to the first question (Why does our competition charge so much more?) is as old as time itself. GREED. Plain and Simple. The answer to the second question (Are you (the customer) missing anything or sacrificing anything by paying substantially less?) is NO. NOT ALL ALL. If anything, you are ACTUALLY GETTING MORE!  As a matter of fact, you are getting A LOT MORE!!

From the first time you call us you will see & feel the difference immediately. Our customer service satisfaction rate is through the roof! (Click here to read our most recent reviews) The next step is to meet us in person (remember, we come to you for the appointment, you do not need to travel anywhere or go out of your way) chances are you will love us. (Most people do!) Then, once you give us the privilege of working with you, you will discover very quickly that when we perform, we do not simply go through the motions, we GO OUT OF OUR WAY for our clients. As a result, your event will be nothing less then spectacular.

Q: How are you able to stay in business if your rates are far less then your competitors?

A: Simple. Using the is strategy stated above IE: Great Customer Service, An Excellent Performance & Incredible Rates, in the end, we are actually MORE SUCCESSFUL then our competitors because we book at least 5x the amount of events. Basic math. Make sense? The only negative part to all this is that dates go quickly which is why we ask that if you are interested in our services, call us immediately. We can be reached toll free at (888) 877-2270 any day of the week from 8am - 11pm. Call now, we are looking forward to working with you!

It should be worth noting that these new deals are by far the best we have ever offered in our 20 year history. For further info on these Exclusive and Amazing Promotional Packages, please call us Toll Free at (888) 877-2270 Today. We are open from 8am - 11pm so call now!

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Premium Celebrations is a new company made of up several talented individuals from all facets of the DJ lifestyle. Each one of our staff members are not only incredible DJ's, Emcee's and Party Motivators, they also have been previous owners of other DJ Entertainment Companies.

For many years, the top DJ's in Long Island would compete for customers. As a result, if one particular company had too many clients, they were forced to hire anyone who claimed they could spin a record to help compensate for the overage. The result was not good. Over the years you have heard the stories, yes? "So and so went to a party and the DJ just sat there and never said a word.. or The DJ wouldn't shut up." An even worse case scenario, being at a party where the DJ has no ability to blend music whatsoever. 

It took one man's ingenuity to finally put a stop to all that.

That man is D.J. Greg G. "In this economy it is far better to join forces then compete"  

Those words and having a Masters Degree in both Marketing and Business behind him is what eventually gave birth to what is now known as The Premium Celebrations DJ Entertainment Company. With over 20 years experience under his belt and a crew of the best DJs around to support his vision, the goal is and always was simple: 

To be the Best Long Island DJ Entertainment Company. Period. Even our slogan says so much about who we are, and who we cater to. 

"We are Premium Celebrations. DJ Entertainment for the Elite!" 

So while the company name "Premium Celebrations" is new, the people behind the name have been entertaining Long Islanders just like you since 1994. 

​Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open Everyday from 8am - 11pm. When we say "full time" to us that does not mean simply 9am - 5pm and off on the weekends. We understand that people are busy & that they have lives. So, if your schedule only permits you to do business with us at 8am or 11pm, then that is when we will assist you. Look at the clock now, Is it between 8am & 11pm? Call Us toll free. We Will Answer. (888) 877-2270

Q: What Type of Events / Parties do you offer your services for?

A: We cater to All Occasions. Here is a complete list. If there is something missing, please let us know!

​​Long Island Weddings, Long Island Bar Mitzvahs, Long Island Bat Mitzvahs, Long Island Sweet Sixteens,  

Long Island Pool Parties, Long Island Quinceanera's, Long Island Proms, Long Island School Dances, 

Long Island Engagement Parties, Long Island Christenings, Long Island Communions, Long Island Baptisms,  

Long Island Block Parties, Long Island House Parties, Long Island Surprise Parties, Long Island Birthdays, 

Long Island Anniversaries, Long Island Adult Themed Parties, Long Island Kids Parties, 

Long Island Graduations, Long Island College Parties, Long Island Corporate Events, 

​Long Island High School Reunions, Long Island Backyard Parties, Long Island Bachelor Parties, 

Long Island Bachelorette Parties, Long Island Baby Showers, Long Island Bridal Showers, 

Long Island Retirement Parties, Long Island Holiday Parties, Long Island July 4th Parties, Long Island BBQ's,   

Long Island Labor Day Parties, Long Island Halloween parties, Long Island Christmas Parties, 

Long Island New Years Eve Parties

Q: I've noticed you mention Long Island a lot. Do you offer your services outside of Long Island?


A: Yes we do. We only ask to be compensated for the gas, tolls & extra time.

Since we are located in Suffolk County, Both Suffolk and Nassau Counties are FREE. We do not charge extra to work in these areas.

Queens.... Please add $50.00 to event total

Brooklyn.... Please add $75.00 to event total

Bronx.... Please add $85.00 to event total

Manhattan.... Please add $235.00 to event total

Staten Island.... Please add $165.00 to event total

Out of State, Up State or other locations: Please call us Toll Free for more info (888) 877-2270 

If you are paying by Credit Card and your event is located in an area outside of Long Island please simply give us the difference in cash on the day of your event. Thank you!

Q: I want to hire your company for my event. What steps should I take?

A: STEP ONE: Call us Toll Free as soon as you can. Dates go fast. (888) 877-2270


      STEP TWO: While speaking with us, be sure to schedule an appointment. You will be happy to know that unlike our competition, we are willing to travel to you. Most of our competitors make you travel to them. We rather make it easy for you. You have enough on your plate. We can meet you either at your home or your place of business. IE: Many of our clients who are having a surprise party like the business option while others love the super convenience of knowing they can relax at home and we will come to them. Remember, we are open everyday from 8am - 11pm, so if need be we can meet you early in the morning or late in the evening. 


      STEP THREE: During the appointment, we will go over your entire party with you from the beginning to the end. We will not leave a stone unturned. Keep in mind that we are not just Professional Entertainers, we're also party planners. We will help you every step of the way. If we feel something is not quite right, even if it has nothing to do with our DJ Services, we will point you in the right direction. When you book with us, you become part of the Premium Celebrations' family and we take care of our own. As we like to say here on Long Island "Hey! We got you!" 


Q: So How does the Payment work?

A: There are TWO WAYS to pay for our DJ Services... 

      CHOICE ONE:  CASH.  (Due to it's simplicity, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU USE THIS OPTION) At the end of your scheduled in-home appointment, should you choose to do business with us, we will then require a small deposit. The remainder of the balance will not be owed until the day of your party. 

      CHOICE TWO: CREDIT CARD. (Please note: Only Use this Option if you are traveling and are unable to meet with us in person prior to your event) Once you have called us and confirmed that the date of your event is available... The next step will be to go to our Official Groupon Page...  


You will then have the option to use your credit card to pay for our DJ services. Please keep in mind that when using your credit card You Must Pay For Your Entire Event Up Front (However, With the cash option you are only required to pay a small deposit up front AND you get to meet with us in person prior to your event). Generally when our clients use the Groupon option, we would schedule a "phone appointment." It is just like a regular appointment except all matters are handled by phone instead of in person. There is no need for a home visit since you already paid us the necessary funds. During the call we would go over your entire event, then on the day of your party, you would sign the contract and keep a copy for your receipt. ONCE YOU HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON ON GROUPON YOU MUST CALL US BACK IMMEDIATELY TO SCHEDULE YOUR PHONE APPOINTMENT. This will help keep things running smoothly for us and your special event & will guarantee your date.  



Please note that we do not accept checks at this time. 

However, wether you pay by CASH or CREDIT, the rate will be EXACTLY THE SAME

Q: Are you Insured & Business Certified?

A: Yes & Yes. We are Insured and Business Certified to operate in New York State. If a catering hall is requesting insurance info, simply have them contact us directly and we will take care of everything. 

Q: Should an emergency occur, what is your cancellation policy?

A: In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your services with us, there are a few things you can do. First, know the rules. In New York State, you can cancel any contract within the first three (3) days of signing. So, if you purchased our services through Groupon for example, day one would start the moment you hit the submit button. If you purchased our services using our "cash only" option, the three (3) days would start from the moment you sign a contract with us at your appointment. Wether you use the cash only option OR the Credit Card Groupon option, if you cancel your services after the three (3) days expired,  whatever monies have exchanged hands prior to your event CAN be used as credit towards your next party. 

Q:What kind of Music do you Play & Can I hear a sample of your Music?

A: That's your choice because it's your party. We'll play anything you request. When it comes to spinning tunes, We have everything and we do mean EVERYTHING. Music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today. Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Rap, Rock & Roll, Spanish, 

Reggaeton, County, Freestyle, Classic Rock, Standards, Oldies, New Wave, Punk, Metal, Ballroom, Indian, Love Songs, Techno, Dance, EDM & Top 40. From Back in the day to today's top hits, we have it all AND if you have wi-fi at your event, then our music selection will be infinite. Don't you just love technology?

And Yes, If you are using a Desk / Lap top Computer, you should be able to hear some of our mixes. Each page (with the exception of our pics page) should include some of the mixes we made right here in our studio! On the bottom of each page a small box appears with a song. Click and Enjoy!

Q: What kind of Equipment do you use?

A: Our DJ Equipment is 100% Digital and completely State of The Art. The Sound is Simply Stunning. It is clear, smooth and loud enough that you can dance but never over powering. If you take a quick peek at our popular  ----> Pictures & Video Page <---- you can see & hear our incredibly talented DJ's at work...

BONUS Q: Are you able to Upgrade your DJ package??

A: YES YOU CAN. People call and ask us this question all the time. Please scroll above and see both our....Basic package: Normally $1,200.00 It us currently on sale for only $395.00 & our more popular Premium Package: Normally $1,350.00 This package is on sale for only $545.00! NICE!!

The basic package is Great for corporate events where there may not be a lot of dancing. Our Premium Package however is awesome for your Wedding, Sweet Sixteen & Your Special Event! With the Premium Package, You will enjoy an incredible Upgraded Laser Light Show, 

Two professional Performers (the basic only has one) An Extra 2 Hours of Music and Entertainment (The basic ony offers 4 hours, the Premium offers 6 hours)

You will also receive DOUBLE the amount of Party Favors and if that wasn't enough...how about Incredible & Amazing Electronic Pulsating Foam Light Sticks!  
You can see exactly what the premium package looks like in action by clicking the link below 

(See Pics and Vids) and watch any of our videos or feel free to call us for the juicy details.

Remember, Dates go fast So Call Toll Free Today @ (888) 877-2270 THANK YOU!!


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We get a lot of calls here at Premium Celebrations, but don't worry, we're not complaining. Here are the Top Questions with in depth answers and maybe a little insight on how our company operates. 

Oh! Just for fun, we put in a few Bonus Q & A's that people have inquired about. Enjoy!